All product designs are/will be detailed in the projects section of this website.

We welcome constructive feedback on any of our designs as well as suggestions for improvements.

This transparent approch ensures quality of our designs

Breakout Board Schematics

I have found that prototyping with electronics has become very difficult as many manufactures are begining to only release thier intergrated circuits(IC's) in Surface Mount Device (SMD) configuration. Breakout boards can assist with the prototyping process.

Swith Mode Power Supplies

These AC-DC power supplies boast high efficiencies and are ideal for LED lighting requirements

Input Voltage

Output Voltage

Output Current

Maximum Power

230V (AC)

5V (DC)



High Power LED Drivers

We supply a wide range of compact, highly efficient high power LED drivers

Drivers can be ordered by output channels and drive current. All drivers can be run at 5% to Imax current using our easily integrated dimmer circuit

The amount of LEDs per channel is dependant on the Power Supply used. In general Vout/Vled(+-3V for typical HB LEDs) will give an indication of how many LEDs can be integrated on a single channel.

Output Channels

Maximum Current (Imax)









Any custom output current and channel requirement can be developed, please contact us for a quick quote at


Dimmers can be easily integrated into any of our LED drivers

SMS Controller

One of our newest products in development is a SMS controller that be integrated into your existing system to provide an sms interface

Currently the design is based around 8 inputs that can trigger 8 diffrent SMS's to 8 specified groups of individuals

One application would be integration of this unit into your house alarm, that send you an sms on AC power failure and sends another sms to yourself, your neighbour etc on a panic button press