Projects In Progress

Incubator Temperature Controller

This project involved the design of an accurate temperature controller to be used in an incubator application

The project used a microprocessor to control the brightness of a incandescent bulb that provided the heat

A display was incorporated which allowed the current temperature to be seen and the required set-point to be programmed using up/down buttons

The heating element(bulb) was driven based on PID control algorithm to achieve accurate temperature quickly and effectively

Incubator Controller Front

Camera Tracking

This project is still underway and involves the use of a simple 1.3Mega-pixel sensor that is interfaced to a microprocessor

The image is then processed by the microprocessor and can be setup to provide tracking of object of a specified colour

CNC Machine

This project aims to construct a CNC milling machine that will be used mainly for the purposes of PCB creation

The project is still in the design phase and more information will be added periodically

Autonomous Robot

I have always wanted to build a completly autonomous robot and in this regard I have started sketching up and basic design of "GLOWSTICK"

What is "GLOWSTICK"? :D, I have had an idea for my project Austin Mini restoration to get it punched with holes at strategic positions then coat it with an opaque type paint. Tri-Colour LED's would be behind these holes and I would then have a fully controlable car that could be any colour I choose durning the night.

Back on point, I would like to demonstrate this concept through the robot as well as many additional ideas I have in mind.

Projects Completed

Tri Colour High Power LED Lamp

This project uses a single high power RGB LED and allows the option to fade the colour slowly through the rainbow spectrum.

The speed and brightness can be adjusted and only one selected colour can also be selected if required.

Digital Display Analog Circuitry Tachometer

This is a digital "rev counter" built for use in an Austin mini but can be used seamlessly in any 4 cylinder engine based vehicles

The electronic circuitry was solely designed using analog technology and no microprocessors where used

Additional customisation included a special feature when reaching the red line range of changing all LED's slowly to red

Rev Counter

High Power LED Fuzz Ball Table Lights

This project entailed the design of an efficient LED lighting system to be used on a high end FuzzBall table

The complete LED driver was design and fabricated and prototyped and has thus far not shown any signs of issues

The LED driver was build to run six 3W High Power LEDs, however the use of four LEDs (one in each corner) was found sufficient to light the table

Control Panel (On) Lights Fully On